Monday, July 18, 2011

Bring On The Competition!

The team is ready to go for two upcoming competitions: Bluemont BBQ Bash (July 29-30) and COFaQue (August 12-14).

We've got a thorough but concise checklist for the gear that we'll be taking and a definitive shopping list for the food and other supplies that we'll need to pick up beforehand. We may not be the most seasoned BBQ team on the circuit, but we are certainly among the best organized.

Speaking of seasoning, I've made up large batches of all three proprietary rubs and six homemade sauces in advance of the competitions. Additionally, our cooking methods have been finalized, although I'm still working on our precise timings for this our first KCBS event.

We will have a sprawling 20'x25' cook site, the largest space we've ever had. It will be nice to have plenty of room not just for our smokers, but also for a food prep area, washing station, buffet table, and snooze center. I created a scale drawing of all of our cookers, tables, etc. so that when we load in there won't be any confusion about what goes where. Are we efficient or what?

Thinking about attending one or both of these events? Hit the Contact Us page and drop us a line so that we know to expect you.

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