Smoke Dreams BBQ is an official KCBS team.  There are currently six members:

Kirk Vespestad (a.k.a. Goofus) - Team Captain. As a native of Kansas City, one could say that Kirk was born with tongs in one hand a hot mitt on the other, not to mention BBQ sauce coursing through his veins. He produces all of the rubs and sauces used by the team. Kirk is also the organizer of the team's competition activities and is renowned for his intricate planning documents and crazy BBQ-related spreadsheets. Kirk is a KCBS member and Certified Barbeque Judge (CBJ).

Tim Butka. There's no meat that Tim won't try to smoke – at least once. He is a founding member who is quite serious about his BBQ. For example, Tim kept on smokin' while on a one-year assignment in Baghdad, and during that time he and his BBQ buddies smoked whole hogs on more than one occasion. Right now Tim is on another sabbatical from Smoke Dreams while on assignment in Afghanistan, but once he re-establishes his RBO (remote BBQ operations), he will keep us updated with some of his own blog posts. Tim is a KCBS member and CBJ.

Dwayne Allain. As one of the founding members, Dwayne is an all-around contributor and was instrumental in our achieving early success on the competition scene. He specializes in setting up the cook site and making sure that we stay on our plan. Dwayne is also responsible for keeping the mood light when time pressures cause things to get tense.

Michael Burton. Michael loves to eat good BBQ, but he also likes producing it. In addition to being a founding member and BBQ generalist, Michael puts his engineering background to good use as our team's chief assembler of competition boxes. His precision and artistry are respected, and we also appreciate his keeping an eye on the clock during the chaos that occurs just before a turn-in time.

Eric Woodall. Having joined the team in August 2010, Eric brings an unbridled enthusiasm for all things 'que. He is known for his quick wit, great recipe ideas, on-the-fly ingenuity, and passion for the BBQ arts and sciences. His late-night guitar strumming can often be heard emanating from our cook site.

Luke Darnell. The newest member of our team joined in April 2011 (which explains why his smiling face is not in our picture). Luke has been cookin' outdoors for many years, and his talents are a welcome addition to the team. He is also a certified food safety expert, so he will ensure that we neutralize all foodborne pathogens.

Kirk and Luke are proud of their trimmed out brisket