The team has a number of assets at its disposal for competition and recreational cooking. Unless otherwise noted, the assets below are owned and operated by Kirk (Goofus).

Charcoal Family

  • Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker - Standard. We use either Tim's or Eric's 18.5" WSM for competitions. This unit has nice capacity, excellent features, and outstanding performance, especially its incredible ability to cruise for 12 to 13 hours on one load of Kingsford (using the Minion Method).
  • Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker - Jumbo. Kirk and Luke each own a 22.5" WSM, so we've got a pair of them on the team. These units have massive capacity and can be loaded up with huge quantities of meat. They also accommodate large cuts of beef like shoulder clods and whole briskets.
  • Weber One-Touch. This is the first grill that the Goofus ever owned, having purchased it new back in 1984. One can buy this same unit today because Weber still offers it under the name One-Touch Silver 22.5". The only real design difference in nearly 30 years is that the new model has glass-reinforced nylon handles to replace the wooden ones found on the original.
  • Weber Jumbo Joe. This one's sort of an oddity. It has the kettle size of the One-Touch Silver 18.5" but the design of the Smokey Joe Gold. The Goofus bought this unit in 1993 for tailgating, but it was discontinued shortly thereafter. It reappeared in the early 2000s as the Smokey Joe Platinum, but it was later retired once again.
  • Southwestern Smokers Offset. We call this one the "Big Daddy" because it has a huge firebox and a cooking chamber that will hold about 6 to 8 pork butts (depending on size). Kirk bought this unit for a few hundred bucks off some dude on Craig's List, and it's done quite well for us. (NOTE: This unit is for sale!)
  • Brinkmann Gourmet. We use several of these little bullet smokers because they work well and they're cheap. Kirk has a couple of green ones, and Tim has a special edition red one that he keeps at home and a black one at his remote BBQ ops complex in Afghanistan.

Propane Family
  • Weber Genesis Silver B. KCBS rules forbid us from cooking meat on propane, but we sometimes take this unit to events so that we can cook up some grub for the team to snack on.
  • Weber Genesis 1000. This one has been in Kirk's arsenal since 1997, but it has been retired from competitions and off-site cook-outs because its frame is a little rusty and should not be subjected to the rigors of transport. It may look old, but it still cooks like a champ and is the go-to unit for most cook-outs at home.
  • Campchef Expedition 2X. This is a great little cook stove. It's perfect for warming sauces or making coffee to keep us awake during a long competition.
  • Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Burner. The Goofus found this burner at Home Depot. He didn't pay a penny for it, because it was somewhat used and had been abandoned near the propane exchange area. We use it to light off our charcoal chimneys.