The members of Smoke Dreams BBQ are professionals who hold high-tech jobs throughout the Washington, D.C., area.  We are very busy guys, but on evenings and weekends we like to put fire under meat.

The team is dedicated to the following guiding principles:

  • perform at a high level – anything worth doing is worth doing right
  • get as much satisfaction from preparing BBQ as we do pleasure from eating it
  • use only scratch-made rubs and sauces in competition (see below)
  • respect other BBQ enthusiasts and competitors
  • always have a good time

By adhering to these guidelines, we have devoted ourselves to the constant pursuit of BBQ excellence.


  • Rub "P" - Pork (a wildly aromatic concoction of herbs and spices)
  • Rub "RC" - Ribs & Chicken (a finely ground mix of salt, garlic, paprika, and other seasonings)
  • Rub "B" - Brisket (an aggressive blend of salt, pepper, and other bold spices)

Sauces (in production)
  • K.C. Red - Original (region: Kansas City)
  • K.C. Red - Sweet & Mild (region: Kansas City)
  • Carolina Pork Pucker (region: Eastern North Carolina)
  • Pig 'n' Chicken Pickin' Juice (region: Western North Carolina)
  • Southern Honey Blossom (region: Georgia)
  • Golden Nectar (region: South Carolina)

Sauces (in development)
  • Lone Star Love (region: Texas)
  • Beale Street Blues (region: Memphis)
  • Smokin' Luau (region: Polynesia)
  • K.C. Red - Fire (region: Kansas City – super hot variant for chileheads)